Cleaning Out the Stuff

This weekend I spent a good deal of time cleaning.  But it wasn’t just standard house cleaning. It was more of a cleansing.

Life in our house, and particularly in our bedroom had become overrun with clutter and stuff.  Beckett is still sleeping in our bedroom, and so his bassinet was in the middle of the only open space we had in the room.  There were dirty burp cloths that had gotten lost under the bed, various unmatched socks (both mine and the kids’), and a couple of Maggie’s books that I didn’t even know were missing.  It had become nearly impossible to get to the dirty laundry hamper, which means that a lot of dirty clothes just piled  up on various surfaces.

Add to all this that about two months ago, a leak in our roof caused our ceiling to grow a gaping hole in our den/family room/place where the carpet and futon live.  That has meant that, for the last two months, we have been living without the room where we do most of our, well, living.  Furniture is moved aside.  There is plastic stapled over the hole in a desperate attempt to keep the outside out.  The resulting feeling is that of camping out in our house.

Piles of stuff have worked their way into most corners.  Boxes of too-small baby clothes and outgrown diapers fill what used to be nice empty-looking spaces.

The fact is that some of this is just par for the course of having a new baby.  Beckett is just nearly five months old, which means we’re still in those months of poor memory and sleeping takes priority even over folding laundry and cleaning out corners.

So we arrived at last weekend and I had at least three laundry baskets full of my clean laundry, a hamper full of dirty clothes, very little underwear left that I actually like to wear, and a bedroom that we couldn’t walk into without tripping over or stepping directly on something.

I had reached the end of my rope.  I set a goal for myself: that I would get all clean laundry put away before the next load of laundry was dry.  I would also pack up the Co-Sleeper/bassinet which Beckett was about .03 inches away from outgrowing.  I would make our bedroom functional!  I would get my life in ORDER! (Cue Liz Lemon-like optimism.)

Anyway, I did clean.  I sold the co-sleeper on Craigslist.  I set up the pack-and-play in our bedroom to replace it.  I put away laundry and I cleaned out several drawers in my dresser to get rid of all of the clothes that I have in size XS, which for me, after two babies, is simply no longer a size but the clothing equivalent of a bitchy teenager insisting that 30 is SO OLD!

This is all to say, it felt good, to finally reclaim some space in the house that has been lacking since we had a baby and the ceiling fell in and we also have a two-year-old who seems to stash toys EVERYWHERE.  It was like pushing a reset button.  We’ll see how long the fresh start lasts.

My guess is about 1.47 seconds.


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