Whale song (The kid version)

One of my favorite shows is the X-Files.  It’s the perfect combination of entertainment, romance, conspiracy, and just plain freak-out-ness.  But today I was reminded particularly of a scene in the 8th season, when Scully is in labor.  Monica Reyes has taken her to the country so that she can safely give birth without the threat of the super soldiers. (Typo note: I originally typed “threat” as “treat.” What a difference “h” makes!)  They drive to an abandoned spa and prepare the place as best they can.  Then Monica (who is a bit of a free spirit) begins making whale sounds, claiming that that is just what Scully needs to relax as she musters her strength to birth her baby.

I have that scene and those sounds stored in my mind, and I like to bring them out when I need a laugh in the midst of high-stress moments.

But this morning, I witnessed a scene that might just trump Monica Reyes and Dana Scully.

Beckett has always been more vocal as a baby than Maggie was.  Now, at two, Maggie is wonderfully verbal, and has a running commentary on everything, (even though we can’t understand most of what she is saying), but when she was a baby, she was mostly quiet or she cried.  Beckett, on the other hand, started cooing and “talking” from the time he was about two months old.  Now at five months, he is remarkably interactive.  If you make eye contact with him, he usually responds with some kind of exclamatory “bwheojrosl!”  (Or baby-sound equivalent.)

Well, today, at around 6AM, the kids both woke up and, in an attempt to get those couple of extra moments of sleep, I laid there as Maggie went through her usual morning litany of “nanas? toast?”  Beckett was letting out occasional bursts of, well, baby noise.  As the cacophony between the two kids grew louder, I realized that there was a call and response happening.  Beckett would yell.  Maggie would yell back.  They would both chuckle.  Then it would start over again.  As I was becoming aware of this, David rolled over and whispered, “It’s like whale song!”

This was the first time in my life as a mother that I have felt left out of my kids’ relationship with each other, and I am certain it will not be the last time.  But I must say, it was a moment that will stick with me.  I think I am going to like this “two kids” thing.


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