Re-Tooling, and an Invitation

After my last post, I decided that maybe it was time to do a little reflecting.  I asked myself, what do I want this blog to be?  And after some serious contemplation, I have come up with one answer.

I want this blog to be practice.

You see, I am a writer.  That is what I do, and I do it professionally.  However, most of the writing that I do is written in a painfully anonymous voice, often in third person passive.  The professional writing that I am doing at this point has not left me with a great deal of opportunities to actually develop my voice and practice the craft.

Normally, the recommendation for people who want to develop their voices and practice the craft of writing is to join a writing group.

There is a problem with this recommendation, however.  I have been unable to find a writing group in Memphis, and I really lack the time to attend a writing group anyway.  Meeting with a group of people requires all kinds of planning and time not to mention childcare, which is expensive.

So, instead of finding a local writing group, I want to establish a virtual writing group, using this blog space.  I’m hoping that some of you out there who stumble across this post will want to participate.

You see, this is the beautiful thing about the internet!  We can be a group, but we do not ever have to schedule a meeting!

Here’s how this will work.  Anne Lammott, who is in many ways, my personal hero, (I steal her voice when I cannot find mine), has some rules of writing, one of which is “Small assignments.”  The point of small assignments is that you do not have to write EVERYTHING when you are trying to write something.  Just, she says, write what will fit in the one-inch picture frame.  So I will set up some small assignments for myself, and if you (yes you, out there) would like to participate, simply write a post on your own blog and link to it in the comments here.  We can all read each others posts and be all link-friendly and encouraging.  For anyone who decides to participate, I’ll add your blog to my blogroll, and if you feel so inspired to do the same, I’m sure you will have my eternal gratitude.

Finally, should you choose to participate in the small assignments and you have a small assignment that you would like to work on, you can feel free to set your own small assignment, and let me know about it!  (You can find my email in my “About” section, or you can just leave a comment.)

So that is how this will work.  I will post the first assignment tomorrow, and we will let this great adventure commence!

(Also, if you read this, and happen to know of someone who might be interested in participating, please “Share” this.  I’d love to have people participating who are writing all kinds of stuff – not just the kind of stuff that I write.  This is about broadening boundaries and horizons together!)



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3 responses to “Re-Tooling, and an Invitation

  1. Thank you! And welcome to the journey!

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  3. kezalu

    Count me in lovely fellow writer! By the way, I read your Bad Review blog and wanted to comment – I think as writers that no matter what, no matter if it’s a good or bad review, the fact that you have affected an emotion in a reader, then you have succeeded. Embrace the supposed ‘failures’ because they too are victories. I love your style of writing. It’s honest with a wonderful tinge of innocence. Don’t ever change.