Small Assignment 1: Find Your Funny Voice

So last night, David and I re-watched the film Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story.

It killed my very favorite excuse for not being better at humor, namely, that I’m not funny.

You see, Eddie Izzard spent a great deal of his youth trying to be funny, and failing miserably.  (No really, it was caught on film.)  But he continued to work at it and through a combination of Steve Jobs-like magical thinking and brute force of will, he became a comedian performing stand-up to audiences of 11,000 people.

Now, I don’t ever intend to be a stand-up comedian.  I do think, however, that humor is a necessary and important part of the craft.  So I will be working for the next several months on finding my funny voice.

But, you say, this is a blog about Small Assignments.  Finding your funny voice is NOT a small assignment.  So this is my small assignment (and yours): write about a funny memory.  Recall and write about an incident that still makes you laugh, days, years (or decades) later.  Let it be fiction, non-fiction, poem, or prose.  Just let’s try to be funny.  I’ll post the next assignment in a week.

This is your assignment.  Should you choose to accept it, write a little something and paste a link to your work in the comments section.

(Also, as always, if you happen to know other people who would like to participate please share this page with them.  AND, if you have a small assignment that you would like to suggest, please let me know!)

Good scribbling!



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5 responses to “Small Assignment 1: Find Your Funny Voice

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  3. Thanks for the story!


    Challenge accepted. Not the wackiest memory I’ve ever had, but it’s what came to mind on short notice. Plus, I come off looking like a goof. (shrugs) Thanks for the assignmet. 🙂

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