Aannd.. This Was Unexpected

An unexpected and pleasant surprise came my way recently.

Amy, over at readncook.wordpress.com recently nominated me for a blogging award: The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  Color me bashful.  I’m honored and thankful to Amy for the nomination, and glad to be making some new acquaintances on this here Interwebs.

The nomination came at exactly the right time.  I’ve been feeling a bit discouraged about the “blogging” thing, and have run out of steam a bit.  But I’m so happy to hear that at least one person is reading and enjoying what I’ve written.  All of us writers, I think, get a boon from the confirmation that our writing has spoken in some way to another person on the planet.  If we didn’t want desperately to have our words be read, we would just keep a private journal (which is what I did for many years before actually becoming a writer.)  So thank you, Amy, for the nomination.  I am very humbled and grateful.  (Also, if you have not read ReadnCook, go there now.)

The nomination, however, comes with some conditions.  The first is to share seven random facts about myself, and then I will share the love with some additional nominations.  So, on to the random facts.

1. When I started college, I was absolutely convinced that I was going to be a physician.  I stacked up on chemistry and math classes right out of the gate, and added a philosophy class as an elective, because I was required to take a certain number of “humanities” courses.  Then, I took another philosophy class.  By the time I declared my major, I was a philosophy and religious studies DOUBLE major, but I kept chemistry as a minor.

2. My husband and I tell people that we met in grad school, which we did.  BUT, we actually “met” the year before we met at a reception being held at a professional conference in Philadelphia.  Confirmation of the small world in which we live, especially the “we” who are religion scholars.

3. For a short period of time in my teens, I wanted to become a youth minister.  That changed once I grew beyond being a “youth” and I understood that teenagers are not. my. element.

4.  When I was in third grade, I read Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls. I am not a dog person nor particularly an animal lover.  BUT, I finished reading the book when we were driving from Pittsburgh, PA (my home town) to Grand Rapids, MI (where my dad’s family lives) for Thanksgiving that year, I sat in the back seat WEEPING.  My mom looked back at one point and panicked when she saw me sobbing in the back seat.  The book still gets me.

5.  I was in eighth grade when my mom got her first full-time teaching job.  While I was in high school, my mom and I would watch the VHS box set of BBC’s Pride and Prejudice while she graded papers and I did my homework.

6. I am a terrible fiction writer, but at times I have dreamed of being able to write novels (as evidenced by the terrible short story that I wrote in college).  If I wrote a novel, I would want it to be a novel like Chaim Potok’s My Name Is Asher Lev, which is my favorite novel.

7.  I have a Master’s degree in theology, and I occasionally teach night classes to college students who really don’t give a twiddle about theology.

Now for the nominations.  (This is the “Pay it forward” part.)  Please support and check out these blogs, because I think they are worth reading.

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