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Three-Minute Fiction

Okay. Here’s the deal. I do not write fiction. I have tried to write fiction, and I am a terrible, nigh unto dismal, fiction writer. But this blog is about building some chops, and so I’m going to throw this assignment out there.

NPR has an ongoing series called Three-Minute Fiction. A few times a year, they have a special celebrity judge who gives a theme, or a phrase, or some kind of rule. You can read about it here. Go on. I’ll wait.

So, stealing this assignment from NPA, I am putting this assignment out there. Write a three-minute piece of fiction (about 600 words or so) that features a US president: real or imagined, past or present. If you want to submit it to NPR, go to the website referenced above. The deadline is Sunday, September 23 at 11:59PM.

(I am going to attempt this, but I will place a disclaimer excusing anyone from actually reading it. I will also probably drink some whiskey first.) (See above, with regards to my fiction writing.)

For those new to Small Assignments, if you choose to accept the challenge, just post your link in the comments here, so we can all read each other’s work.



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Oops. I took a break.

Right. So life happened. First, I went on vacation, and then we all came back, except that my brain and my writing muscles all decided to go on hiatus.

This was not a planned hiatus. It was one of those forced-because-I-don’t-quite-know-what-to-write-about hiatuses. (The plural of hiatus is actually hiatuses. I looked it up.)

Anyway, I think that I am ready to come back to the land of the overeducated, underemployed writer/bloggy thing. More to come soon. Thanks for reading!

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